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Unlocking the Future of Pitching: Introducing the 'Pitch Lab'

As a part of our continuous efforts to provide our athletes with top-tier training and development resources, we are thrilled to introduce our new initiative, the "Pitch Lab". Designed with the specific needs of young pitchers in mind, the Pitch Lab offers targeted workouts and in-house training to improve pitch mechanics and enhance performance on the field.

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Mental Muscle

Developing Mental Focus in Youth Baseball

Baseball is a game of skill and strategy that demands a high level of concentration from players. Whether you're a pitcher, batter, or fielder, staying focused can help you to make better decisions, stay more consistent, and ultimately improve your overall performance. We'll explore how staying focused can help improve baseball performance and why it is essential for players to master this skill. The side that isn’t always talked about is how we can improve these important traits off the field while staying focused is a key element in achieving success, whether it is in life or in sports like baseball. Being able to maintain concentration for extended periods of time can help you perform better, increase productivity, and achieve your goals faster. In this blog, we'll explore some effective ways to improve staying focused and why it is essential for both life and baseball players.

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Catchers Stances

Catchers Core Skills: Catchers Stances

As a catcher, you have a lot of responsibilities. Not only do you have to be able to hit, but you also have to field your position well and have a solid arm to throw out runners. The most critical responsibility of a catcher is to manage the pitching staff. A big part of that is knowing when to call for specific pitches and being able to receive them properly. That's where your stance comes in. The way you position yourself can have a significant impact on the way you receive pitches and the way you manage the pitching staff. This article and this accompanying YouTube video will introduce you to primary and secondary stances and explain why they're essential for catchers. We'll also give tips on finding your proper posture and how to perfect it.

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Arm Care Time

5 Ways To Develop A Pitching Routine

1. Transition from a passive state to an active one; “feeling ready!” Per Driveline Baseball, "In amateur baseball, starting pitchers generally transition from lengthy spans of time sitting whether in a classroom, car, bus, or on a couch – before arriving to the field before the game. The pre-game routine serves as a means of getting out of this sedentary state and into an active one." Muscles that are dormant for a long car ride or by prolonged sitting must be "woken up" to help the pitcher get into an active state in "controlled, progressive manner."

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