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Cage Sessions: Building a Hitting Approach with Rapsodo

Rapsodo enables the hitter and instructor to really dial in the ins and outs of their swing. Rapsodo’s data driven technology transmits many of the key ingredients to help the hitter be successful such as exit velocity, launch angle, and spin rate. All of these data sets allow the coach to formulate an effective training session in the cage that can be translated to the game. Furthermore, according to Rapsodo, “Our hitting tool lets you know more than just that you hit the back of the cage. Get insight into how each batted ball would perform in a fame, and transform your batting practices into data-driven, interactive hitting sessions” (Rapsodo, 2023).

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What does the Pitching Rapsodo do for Developing Pitchers?

Rapsodo Pitching is a tool or the coaches to demonstrate what is happening with the player on a pitch-to-pitch basis over an entire session. It enables us to elaborate on consistency based on the release height/angle data, as well as showing a measured approach to determine if our pitches show the same identity, or if they are inconsistent pitch-to-pitch. There are a number of great measurables for the coach to use in the Rapsodo session with the player. These measurables include velocity, spin rate, spin efficiency, break patterns, release point, and tunnelling.

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