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Mental Muscle

Developing Mental Focus in Youth Baseball

Baseball is a game of skill and strategy that demands a high level of concentration from players. Whether you're a pitcher, batter, or fielder, staying focused can help you to make better decisions, stay more consistent, and ultimately improve your overall performance. We'll explore how staying focused can help improve baseball performance and why it is essential for players to master this skill. The side that isn’t always talked about is how we can improve these important traits off the field while staying focused is a key element in achieving success, whether it is in life or in sports like baseball. Being able to maintain concentration for extended periods of time can help you perform better, increase productivity, and achieve your goals faster. In this blog, we'll explore some effective ways to improve staying focused and why it is essential for both life and baseball players.

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Catcher Throwing

Catchers Core Skills: Throwing

Receiving and blocking are two key tools for catchers in baseball, but as we know throwing is a crucial aspect of the game that cannot be overlooked. A catcher’s ability to throw accurately and quickly can make all the difference in a game. Learning the importance of throwing and how to correctly throw from the catcher's position will be the main points in this blog, we will explore the importance of throwing as a catcher, and why practicing and perfecting this skill is essential for any successful catcher.

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Catcher Blocking

Catchers Core Skills: Blocking

As a catcher in baseball, blocking is one of the most essential skills you can have. In fact, it is considered one of the most important defensive skills in the game. It requires a great deal of practice and dedication to master, but it is an invaluable tool that can make a significant difference in the outcome of a game. In this blog, we will discuss the importance of learning how to block as a catcher and the benefits that come with it.

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Catcher Receiving

Catchers Core Skills: Catchers Receiving

Catchers are an essential part of the game of baseball. They have to be able to catch the ball, frame pitches, and block balls in the dirt. Receiving is a key skill for catchers, as it involves catching and controlling the baseball. Receiving also requires catchers to be alert and agile enough to quickly react when balls are thrown in their direction. In this article, we will go into depth on the importance of receiving for catchers and how it can change a game. 

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Development in the Dugout

Baseball's 10th Man: Dugout Development

Baseball player development doesn't just happen when a player takes the field. What if I said that player development happens even inside the team dugout? Meet Baseball's 10th Man; a position that some parents that have a youth baseball player may not properly value. Let's talk about what makes dugout development an important aspect of baseball learning and player development.

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DREAM Team Practice

Baseball Practices Focused on Skills Development

DREAM Team Baseball values Team Practice very highly; Practices are built upon core concepts and learning building blocks so that every player can not only work within the team structure but also develop players skills that will help them grow in the game. The game of baseball (and the level of versatile skills it requires to play it at a high level) is a tough sport, it's called the toughest sport to play by many. As Baseball Scouter puts it, "Some people think baseball looks easy, because the players spend much of the game standing in place or sitting in the dugout. However, baseball requires just as much athletic prowess as any other sport, as well as many other skills and abilities. Baseball is undeniably hard to play, and there is a reason that those who do possess the skills to succeed at baseball can have long and lucrative careers."

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