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Unlocking the Future of Pitching: Introducing the 'Pitch Lab'

As a part of our continuous efforts to provide our athletes with top-tier training and development resources, we are thrilled to introduce our new initiative, the "Pitch Lab". Designed with the specific needs of young pitchers in mind, the Pitch Lab offers targeted workouts and in-house training to improve pitch mechanics and enhance performance on the field.

The science of pitching has evolved dramatically in recent years. Today's pitchers not only need a powerful arm and precise control but also a deep understanding of their own mechanics and how they impact the ball's path. To help our young athletes gain this understanding, the Pitch Lab uses cutting-edge technology to measure and grade key performance metrics including velocity, total spin, and spin efficiency.

To shed light on how such training can impact a young pitcher's development, we had the pleasure of interviewing local high school pitcher and youth role model, Grayson Waters. His insights, gained through personal experience, offer valuable perspectives for our aspiring athletes.

Embracing Technology in Training

Grayson attributes much of his success to the use of Rapsodo Pitching software, which provides real-time feedback on each pitch thrown. This data-driven approach allows pitchers to understand the impact of their mechanics on aspects like axis spin and pitch location, enabling immediate adjustments for improved performance.

The Role of Plyo Balls

Grayson also underlined the importance of plyo balls in a pitcher's training regimen. These versatile tools not only build arm strength but also aid recovery and muscle memory, ensuring the arm remains healthy and the mechanics consistent.

Offseason Training and Velocity

The offseason is a crucial period for a pitcher's development. Grayson believes in targeted weightlifting and high-intensity bullpens to build velocity. His focus areas include legs, core, back, arms, and upper body, emphasizing the balance between strength and endurance.

The Benefits of Strength Training

Grayson strongly advocates for early introduction of strength training in a pitcher's routine. Building muscle from a young age can provide a significant advantage in high school baseball and beyond. In the Pitch Lab, we plan to integrate strength training into our programs to ensure our athletes are ready for the challenges ahead.

Seeing Progress

Grayson's personal journey is a testament to the effectiveness of a structured training program, such as the Pitch Lab. Over the past year, he has seen improvements in his velocity, control, and accuracy, with his velocity increasing from 80-83 to 83-85 and topping at 87!

Grayson's insights underscore the importance of a comprehensive, scientifically-backed training approach, which is exactly what the Pitch Lab will provide. As our young athletes embark on their pitching journey, we hope to inspire them to take their training seriously and enjoy the beautiful sport of baseball.

As we gear up for the launch of the Pitch Lab, we invite you to join us on this exciting journey. Together, we can help our athletes unlock their potential and become the best pitchers they can be.

The Journey Ahead

As Grayson prepares for college baseball, he sees potential for further development in his pitching arsenal. His goals include fine-tuning his slider and two-seam fastball and adding a changeup to his repertoire. His continuous pursuit of growth and improvement aligns with our philosophy in the Pitch Lab, where we encourage our athletes to explore and enhance their skills continuously.

Inspiring Others

Grayson’s experiences as part of the Ben Barber internship program, working with DREAM Team, have been both inspiring and motivating. It's a testament to how youth can learn and grow, not only as athletes but also as individuals, through their engagement in sports.

A Message to our Youth

Grayson’s advice to our young pitchers is a powerful reminder of the balance between dedication and enjoyment in sports. He encourages our athletes to take their training seriously but also to cherish the joy and camaraderie that baseball brings.

In the Pitch Lab, we strive to foster this balance. We provide a structured, rigorous training environment that also encourages fun and friendship. We believe that this balance is key to nurturing well-rounded athletes who excel not only on the field but also off it.

In conclusion, the "Pitch Lab" will be more than just a training program. It's a journey towards growth, improvement, and a deeper understanding of the sport we love. We're excited about the potential of the Pitch Lab to transform our young pitchers and look forward to sharing this journey with you. Stay tuned for more updates on our progress and the successes of our athletes as we launch this exciting initiative.

Remember, the pitcher’s mound isn’t just a place on the field, it's where potential meets opportunity, and in our Pitch Lab, we aim to make every pitch count!

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