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Catchers Core Skills: Throwing

Receiving and blocking are two key tools for catchers in baseball, but as we know throwing is a crucial aspect of the game that cannot be overlooked. A catcher’s ability to throw accurately and quickly can make all the difference in a game. Learning the importance of throwing and how to correctly throw from the catcher's position will be the main points in this blog, we will explore the importance of throwing as a catcher, and why practicing and perfecting this skill is essential for any successful catcher.

First and foremost, a catcher’s throw is a crucial tool for controlling the game. As a catcher, you are the leader of the defense, and your ability to throw out base runners can have a significant impact on the outcome of a game. Being able to throw runners out at second or third base can take the momentum away from the opposing team and give your team a boost of energy and confidence. Additionally, a strong and accurate throw can keep the opposing team from stealing bases, which can limit their scoring opportunities.

When throwing there are a few things that need to be our focus points, first, ask yourself do you push off your back foot? Let’s hope you said no, when we talk about throwing from the catcher's position we want to rotate around the back foot. What that means is, we are creating tension in our body while sitting into our back leg and we will rotate starting with our lower half and then the upper half of our body will whip through. It is important that our arm gets the correct extension throughout this process to then again have that whip factor from the rotating happening throughout our body. When we talk about the ball flight down to second, we want a “line drive” throw with a few hops rather then a “pop fly” throw. 

Another reason why throwing is essential for catchers is that it helps to build trust and confidence with your pitching staff. A catcher who is known for having a strong arm and making accurate throws can help put their pitchers at ease, knowing that they have a reliable catcher behind the plate who can control the game and keep runners from advancing. This trust and confidence can translate into better performance from the pitching staff, as they can focus on throwing strikes and getting outs, rather than worrying about runners on base.

Now that we have established why throwing is essential for catchers, let’s explore how you can practice and perfect this skill. The first step in becoming a great thrower is to focus on your footwork. Having proper footwork can help you generate power and accuracy in your throw, as well as improve your reaction time. Additionally, it’s important to work on your arm strength and throwing mechanics, such as your release point and follow-through. Practicing your throws from different angles and being able to throw down to first and third with batters in the box is a must and distances can also help you become more comfortable and confident in your ability to make accurate throws.

At Dream Team our coaches take throwing as a crucial aspect of playing the catcher position in baseball. It is an important tool that can help you keep getting to the next level and can help your team in more ways than one when on the baseball field. Sign up for a one on one lesson here at Dream Team Baseball and start practicing and perfecting this skill through proper footwork, arm strength, throwing mechanics, and base runner recognition can help you become a more effective and valuable player. 

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