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DREAM Dance Conservatory

DREAM Dance Conservatory staff are highly trained professionals that not only have years of professional training and performing experience but have a passion to educate and train dancers of all generations.  Our staff encourages creativity within the dancer and inspires an appreciation for the art of dance. Dance is an art form that connects the mind, body, and spirit, developing individuals of all ages physiologically, psychologically, and sociologically.  We offer classes for the dancer who wants just to explore a weekly class in a particular style of dance or for the more serious dancer who desires more extensive training.


DREAM Dance Conservatory offers classes to all ages in:


Family-Dream-CenterClassical Ballet





Family-Dream-CenterHip- Hop


DREAM Dance Conservatory is dedicated to keeping a wholesome and value-centered atmosphere, so our music and costuming selections are very age-appropriate and parent-approved.  We also strive to maintain the integrity of the true art of dance.  To train and educate your dancer, we introduce dance history and teach proper terminology. Students have a dance notebook to document the French terms they are learning in class. We do not compromise on the foundation of all dance technique which is ballet. Additionally (so that each dancer might strive for excellence), we correct placement and technique using encouragement and positive motivation.

Family D.R.E.A.M. Center

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